June 15, 2006

Molluscan communities in abandoned quarries

In May 2006, Anikó Csölle defenced the diploma thesis entitled Molluscan communities in abandoned quarries in the southern part of the Malé Karpaty Mts., SW Slovakia.


Introduction and methods:
A structure of land snail assemblages in the eleven abandoned quarries in the southern part of the Little Carpathians (Malé Karpaty Mts.) was surveyed in 2004-2005. A typical species composition was established to each site; individual assemblages from the viewpoint of species identity were compared, index of dominance, species diversity and equitability were calculated. Molluscs were sampled by visual search and litter sieving (ca. 3 litres) one-time in each quarry.

Main results:
(1) In total, 49 species of terrestrial molluscs by visual search were found. The number of species varied from 8 to 19.
(2) In open xeric quarries 39 species of molluscs ware confirmed, in ravine forest-like quarries 34 molluscan species were found.
(3) Euconstant species was only one species (Helix pomatia), which occurred in 10 quarries; eight species were constant, 24 were accidental. In open xeric quarries were 3 species euconstant (Cepaea vindobonensis, Helix pomatia a Vitrina pellucida), 11 species were constant, 9 accessoric and 16 accidental. From the viewpoint of species diversity, a difference between non-woodland quarries and woodland quarries was not confirmed.
(4) All species were classified to 8 ecological groups, whereby woodland species sensu lato (woodland eurytopic species, e.g. Monachoides incarnatus) were predominated (43 %, 22 species); 25 % species were euryecious (12 species), 12 % were steppe species (6) a 6 % forest-steppe (3 species). The lowest number of species belonged to hygrophilous (6 %, 3 species) and polyhygrophilous (2 %, one species – Zonitoides nitidus). Euryecious and woodland species sensu lato were euconstant. The semisilvicolous (from forest to shrub or garden) species Helix pomatia was predominant (10 quarries). The most constant euryecious were two species with predominant snail Vitrina pellucida (8 quarries).
(5) Hierarchical cluster analysis classified data according to species identity Jaccard’s index in three main clusters. The first cluster consists of the six open quarries molluscan assemblages. In all sites, land snails Cepaea vindobonensis and Helix pomatia were presented. The third cluster could be described as group of ravine-like woodland molluscan assemblages. The constant species were two species, Monachoides incarnatus and Clausilia dubia.

Csölle A., 2006: Molluscan communities in abandoned quarries in the southern part of the Malé Karpaty Mts., SW Slovakia. - Diploma thesis, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Bratislava, 57 pp.


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