June 03, 2004

Koniec invázie Arion lusitanicus?

V r. 2003 sme si viacerí všimli, že sa A. lusitanicus prestal správať invázne.
Bude to pravdepodobne vplyvom posledných dvoch klimaticky extrémnych rokov - 2002 tuhá zima, 2003 extrémne sucho. Potvrdzuje to aj mail poľského slimákológa:

Rafal Sionek, May 2004:
Weather in 2002 and 2003 of year in Poland was not favourable for development A. lusitanicus:
I) in October 2002 stepped out strong frosts without fall of snow (lack of snow caused, that most of eggs A. lusitanicus and part young snails became remained),
II) in year 2003 reigned drought in Poland (very little of falls of rain). This all caused, that population A. lusitanicus in 2003 year was in regress. I judge, that similar situation stepped out also in Czech Rep.
In year 2004 state of population this snail can be rebuilt (this of year in Poland May is cool and with large quantity of fall of rain).
We will see how this all yet will be developed? On fall of population A. lusitanicus I would not count.
Unfortunately I do not drive now observation A. lusitanicus. In preceding years A. lusitanicus stepped out on municipat grounds, gardens, ditches at way, little rivers (brooks) sometimes in vicinity of greater rivers, on cemeteries. In forests and on open spaces (fields under cultivation) this of species I did not meet.

Takže tešiť sa je predčasné...


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